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Are you in need of training to improve your employability skills or everyday skills? Auxines can be the answer.

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100’s of Courses

At Auxines, we developed a range of courses that can help you develop new skills or refine your existing skills

Our courses are designed by industry experts and qualified curriculum writers.

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Auxines offers a range of courses in business development. Read more…

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If you are trying to or want to improve your communication skills, we have a number of courses for you. Read more…
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Auxines offers a range of courses for individuals working or intend to work in the marketing sector. Read more …

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Aged Care

Auxines offers a number of courses for staff working in the aged care sector. Read more…

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At Auxines we offer a number of courses in the beauty industry. Read more…

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Health & Safety

Health & safety is an important part of everyday work life. Deluxe Learning offers a range of health & safety courses
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Retail Management

We have a number of courses for individuals working or intending to work in the retail sector.  Read more…
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Food Safety

A range of food safety courses are available for individuals working or intending to work in food handling positions.
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Easy As 1…2…3…

Enrolling and undertaking a course at Auxines is as easy as 1,2,3. All our courses are accessible on any computer or compatible mobile device, connected to the internet. You can make payment through a secure network and start learning soon after enrolment is confirmed.

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Short Courses

Most of our courses are short courses, designed to improve particular knowledge and skills in a given industry sector. They usually involve one subject are completed in a much shorter duration.
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Master Courses

Our master courses are higher level courses involving a number of subjects to be completed. These courses are targetted for those who are looking at developing higher-level knowledge and skills in a particular field.

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