We are passionate about delivering education and training

Auxines emerged as a provider of short, flexible, high quality, professional development online courses for the individuals working in various industry sectors or intending to work
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Customised learning

Auxines courses are written and customised to specific industry requirements so that they meet your learning goals and address your skills development needs.

Our short and master courses are written to addressing the specific industry skills needs. These courses are tailored so that they can be used by a range of different clients and industries.

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Quality courses

At Auxines, all of our courses are gone through a rigorous quality and validation process to ensure they are industry relevant and meet employers expectations.

Our courses are designed, written, evaluated and validated by industry experts and qualified curriculum writers. We regularly evaluate our programs and strive to continuously improve them.

Efficient support system

We understand that timely support and response to quries plays an important role in someones learning journey. 

We have implemented a support system that is responsive and flexible, responding to all enquiries within 24 hours. This is not usually seen in educational institutions.

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Education is in Our Blood

We have worked in the education industry for decades. Our team members include industry representatives, experts, curriculum writers, training and education quality and compliance specialists.
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Celebrate your success

We celebrate your success. There are rewards for returning learners i.e. upto 50% discount on other courses

Once you complete a course with Auxines, you will be issued a “Certificate of Completion” that you can add into your portfolio as an evidence of your achievement.

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Short Courses

Most of our courses are short courses, designed to improve particular knowledge and skills in a given industry sector. They usually involve one subject are completed in a much shorter duration.
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Master Courses

Our master courses are higher level courses involving a number of subjects to be completed. These courses are targetted for those who are looking at developing higher-level knowledge and skills in a particular field.

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