Certificate in Customers Complaints Handling

Duration: 4 – 16 weeks

This course is designed for individuals working in an environment where they deal with customers directly. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to resolve customers complaints in a professional manner.

This is a must-have skill set if you are working in the customer service industry.

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Customer Service - Certificate in Customers Complaints Handling

Chapter 1 : How complaints are made and turning them around

In this chapter, you will learn why complaints are raised and various ways customers express dissatisfaction or make complaints i.e. social media. It also includes the impact of complaints on the business and how to turn them around.


Chapter 2 : Helping customers to complain

This section includes different types of non-complaining customers. Why complaints sometimes can be useful for the business. How to help customers in the complaints process.


Chapter 3 : Complaints handling policies

This chapter is about learning different strategies or policies that can be used to handle customers complaints. It also includes knowledge on different legislations i.e. warranties or guarantees.


Chapter 4 : Using communication skills

This chapter is about different communication skills/ strategies that can be used to neutralise the situation and how effective listening skills can be used in solving complaints.


Chapter 5 : Complaints records and registers

This chapter is about documentation related to customer complaints and why it is required. What is complaints register and how can it be used.


Chapter 6 : Deciding what to do

This chapter is about learning different policies, guidelines, standards, legislative tools that need to be used in the process of complaints handling and how to resolve complaints in light of these guidelines, including refund, compensation etc.


Chapter 7 : Referring customers on

This chapter is about learning when and how customer complaints are to be referred to other staff in the organisation. It also includes referring customers to external agencies i.e. Ombudsman or other independent agencies/ mediators.


Course Features

  • Flexible online course
  • Up to 12 months access
  • Accessible on any computer and mobile device
  • Trainer and admin support available
  • The curriculum is written by Industry experts
  • Track your learning by completing short activities

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