Certificate in Foot and Nail Care

Duration: 4 – 16 weeks

Certificate in the foot and nail care is designed for those who work in the fashion and beauty industry and provide foot and nail care services to their clients. This course may also be useful to those who want to develop some skills and knowledge in the foot and nail care area for their personal or professional development

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Foot and nail care - Certificate in Foot and Nail Care

Chapter 1 : Prepare for basic foot and nail care

This section is about getting ready and preparing for the work role. It includes confirming clients requirements, observation, work environment, the duty of care, work health and safety, infection control and the different types of equipment.


Chapter 2 : Explain procedures to clients

This section includes guidelines on how to explain procedures to the clients, any risks and complications involved, processes or tasks and how to look after themselves after the treatment.


Chapter 3 : Assist clients to remove footwear

This small section is about techniques to help clients removing their footwear and ensuring personal health and safety.


Chapter 4 : Perform nail filing

This section includes knowledge development such as trimming and or filing nails, safely ensuring personal and clients health and safety.


Chapter 5 : Wash and dry feet

This section involves washing and drying feet, ensuring clients comfort and safety. It also includes an application of medicament i.e. emollients, astringents, moisturises and antisepecs.


Chapter 6 : Identify issues with the procedure

This chapter is about learning what constitutes a normal foot and the issues that may require attention such as some common medical conditions i.e. athlete’s foot, corns, bone spurs etc. and identification of some other diseases of the feet that may be present.


Chapter 7 : Manage waste materials

This chapter is about learning biological waste materials and safe handling and disposal. It also includes a short description of relevant industry standards or codes of practices.


Chapter 8 : Clean and store equipment

This section involves various techniques and practices for cleaning your equipment and tools. It also includes various chemicals that can be used for decontamination of tools


Chapter 9 : Document client information

This section is about documenting the procedures undertaken, conditions identified and discussions with the clients. It also includes general industry standards for documenting basic foot and nail care, notification of infectious diseases and mandatory reporting.


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  • Flexible online course
  • Up to 12 months access
  • Accessible on any computer and mobile device
  • Trainer and admin support available
  • The curriculum is written by Industry experts
  • Track your learning by completing short activities

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