Certificate in Manual Handling

Duration: 4 – 16 weeks

Certificate in manual handling is designed to meet the work health and safety training requirements. The course involves various guidelines, policies and strategies to ensure work is performed by following correct manual handling techniques.

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Manual Handling - Certificate in Manual Handling

Chapter 1 : Manual Tasks

This section involves various activities that require manual handling. It also includes various includes various injuries caused by incorrect manual handling techniques and the importance of correct manual handling at the workplace.


Chapter 2 : Manual tasks and law

This section includes an overview and different legislation, guides and codes of practice, policies and procedures related to work health and safety.


Chapter 3 : Identifying manual task hazards and controlling risks

This chapter is about identifying hazards in the work environment. It includes various ways of identifying hazards and identification of workplace safety trends. It also includes risk assessment and controlling risks.


Chapter 4 : Ergonomics

This brief chapter is about work ergonomics and different ergonomics principles.


Chapter 5 : Safe lifting and moving

The last chapter of this course is about procedures involving safe lifting and moving. It also includes moving items with other colleagues, lifting with mechanical aids, pushing or pulling and stretching.


Course Features

  • Flexible online course
  • Up to 12 months access
  • Accessible on any computer and mobile device
  • Trainer and admin support available
  • The curriculum is written by Industry experts
  • Track your learning by completing short activities

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