Certificate in Older People’s Leisure and Recreation Programs

Duration: 4 – 16 weeks

Certificate in older people’s leisure and recreation programs is designed for individuals working in the aged or nursing care and want to develop some knowledge or skills around this area. It will provide them with some strategies and knowledge on how to develop recreational activities for the aged individuals.

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Aged Care - Certificate in Older People's Leisure and Recreation Programs

Chapter 1 : The value of leisure, health and recreation

This section is about leisure and recreation and how it plays an important role in our lives. It includes the importance of leisure and different myths about older individuals. It also includes different benefits of physical activities for aged individuals.


Chapter 2 : Goals and monitoring

This section is about setting up recreational goals for older individuals, how they should be established, different benefits of recreational programs and benefits of goals and how to evaluate these programs.


Chapter 3 : Involving older people and medical practitioners

This chapter is about involving older individuals, their medical practitioners in the planning of their activities. It also includes different strategies, observation and considerations that should be made when planning for recreational activities for older individuals


Chapter 4 : Participation in a range of activities and resources required

This section includes different types of recreational activities and where the ideas about these programs can come from. It also includes checking individual’s readiness for the programs, different barriers to the participation, different lifestyles practices, resources required and how to select appropriate resources.


Chapter 5 : Pain and dementia

This chapter is about different types of pain and dementia and its causes in older people. It also includes fear, heightened attention to pain, catastrophism, avoidance, involve people, and clarify information. It also includes benefits of recreation programs. It also includes dementia and different types of dementia.


Chapter 6 : Risk Management, duty of care and contingency plans

This chapter is about learning different types of risks, its management and hazards. It also includes different considerations involving risk management including the duty of care and contingency plans


Chapter 7 : Feasibility of programs

This chapter is about learning different strategies to ensure the feasibility of programs and different aspects of it and how to get the recreational program approved.


Chapter 8 : Writing, documenting and timetabling the program

This section is about ensuring the recreational program is properly documented and timetabled. It also includes how to document and prepare time-tables.


Chapter 9 : Evaluation

This last chapter of this course is about the evaluation of recreational programs. It includes different factors that should be included when evaluating and how to evaluate the programs.


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  • Up to 12 months access
  • Accessible on any computer and mobile device
  • Trainer and admin support available
  • The curriculum is written by Industry experts
  • Track your learning by completing short activities

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