Certificate in Starting a micro business

Duration: 4 – 16 weeks

Certificate in starting a micro business is a great source of very valuable information for those who are looking at starting their own small business. It includes a number of great tips for planning and starting a business.

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Chapter 1 : Micro business and feasibility

This section is about a business idea and feasibility studies. It includes gaps or opportunity in the market, feasibility studies, market analysis, ABS, business advisers/consultants, business brokers, business associations, market research publications, mentors, accountants, legal advisers, number and types of competitors, expected financial viability, financial returns and smart start.

3 hours.

Chapter 2 : Market trends, market size and segmentation

This section is about market trends, environment, technology, social, cultural factors. It also includes market size, potential, market segmentation, geographic, demographic and psychographic segmentation. It also includes beliefs and values, lifestyle segmentation and stages of life segmentation.

2.5 hours.

Chapter 3 : Risks associated with micro business

This chapter is about different risks associated with running or starting a business. It includes financial risks and other hidden costs, security risk, legal and compliance risk and operational risk among others.


Chapter 4 : Characteristics and skills needed to run a micro business

This chapter is about different skills and attributes to run a business. It includes different skills i.e. financial, record keeping, management, selling and communication skills among others and a number of other attributes for running a successful business.

2 hours.

Chapter 5 : Writing a business plan

The chapter of this course is about writing a business plan. It includes different parts of a business plan i.e. marketing plan, management plan, financial plan and self-plan.


Chapter 6 : Finances and resources for a micro business

This is a very detailed chapter and it includes information on; finances required, purchase price, capital equipment, employment costs, insurance costs, amount and type of finance available, debt finance, equity finance, family and friends of the business owner, shares and equities, grants and tax concessions. It also includes detailed information about organising finance and different types of finance available in addition to the number of other important piece of information.

5 hours.

Chapter 7 : Complying with legislation, tax and insurance requirements

This chapter includes information on; registration of business names, licences, consumer legislation, employment, planning and property law, tax requirements, ABN, company tax, general sales tax (GST) insurance, worker’s compensation, public liability, professional indemnity and other related types of insurances.

2 hours.

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