Certificate in Communication Skills

Duration: 4 – 16 weeks

Certificate in communication skills is an online short course for those who are looking at improving their communication skills at the workplace or in general life. This course will provide you with some great tips on improving your communication, including listening, writing and emails writing skills and various strategies used for effective communication.

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Communication - Certificate in Communication Skills

Chapter 1 : Communication concepts

This section is about what communication is, why it is required and different stages through which it works. You will also learn 2 main types of communication – verbal and non-verbal communication.


Chapter 2 : Preventing poor communication

This section includes different barriers to communication. It includes different barriers to the various modes of communication and how they impact communication and how to avoid them. It also includes different types of listening skills.


Chapter 3 : Effective communication strategies

This is the biggest chapter and is the crust of this course. It includes different strategies, attributes and behaviours required for effective communication. It includes a detailed discussion on assertiveness, feedback, understanding response, diversity, relationships, 4 levels of quadrants, changing quadrants, trust, making requests and promises.

5 hours.

Chapter 4 : Electronic and written communication

This section includes telephone communication, written communication, sentence construction, email communication and tips for writing effective emails. It also includes when not to use email for communication.


Course Features

  • Flexible online course
  • Up to 12 months access
  • Accessible on any computer and mobile device
  • Trainer and admin support available
  • The curriculum is written by Industry experts
  • Track your learning by completing short activities

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