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Our courses are developed by industry experts and curriculum writers who have been working in the industry for decades. Auxines courses are accessible online, anytime day or night of the year.
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What We Offer

We take pride in the success of our learners, who come from differrent industry sectors with different skills development needs
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Scaffolded Learning

Our courses offer the learners to develop their knowledge from very basics to complex environment as they progress through the courses
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Realworld case studies

Our courses have a number of activities that are mimick real-life and workplace situations. Learners can test their knowledge by completing these activities.
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Interactive Learning

Auxines offers courses that stimulate learning and are interactive with graphical images and activities that enhance learning experiences.
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Progress Tracking

Learners track their learning by completing a set of activities that are related to the chapters learners complete as they progress through the course.
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Course organisation

Auxines courses are set up into chapters/ sections for effective learning. It helps learners learning and reflecting skills as they complete the course.
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Teacher Support

At Auxines, our teachers are always available to help and support our learners. All enquiries are responded to within 24 hours.
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Improve your skills

Our courses are designed to develop new skills or enhance your existing skills. All courses are designed based on the industry and employers feedback. Register now and improve your skills!

Learn by Doing

All Auxines courses include activities taken from the real world. By completing these activities learners develop skills that are important to their workplace.
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Build your portfolio

If you need to complete certain professional development activities to meet your work requirements, our courses may be suitable for you. By completing our courses, you can build your portfolio and enhance your employability

Achieve your goals

If you are looking into entering workforce or changing your career, our courses may be helpful in developing knowledge and skills required to achieve your goals
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What People Are Saying

Great Support


I recently completed a course in customer complaints handling. The course provided me with great insights into complaints handing strategies. The support was great. Thanks.

 Catherine Taylor

Best online course


I always did not like the online learning courses, but I must say this one has changed my perceptions about online courses. My experience was very smooth and I received my certificate on time. The activities were great in testing my knowledge.

Patricia Goldfield

Simple but affordable


I completed the foot and nail care course. I think the course was well set up and the activities were a great learning experience. I shared the course with my boss and she says it is a great course to do. Thank you Auxines Team.

Maddison Hockings

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